Product Information on:
AuDX - model I

Hardware specifications :

  • Small, rechargeable battery-operated unit.

  • AuDX is available in several configurations . The basic system, AuDX I, performs a fixed screening DPOAE test protocol and retains the last 10 tests in memory. It is possible to connect the AuDX I to the label printer and print out the results on a self-adhesive label for immediate placement in the medical record.

Software specifications:

  • Helpful messages on the built-in display guide the operator to ensure a good probe fit. Tests are stored in memory for review on the display or printing to the Bio-logic label printer connected directly to the AuDX. No computer is required for testing or printing the results. Testing is fast - as brief as fifteen seconds per ear under optimal conditions.

  • AuDX displays a pass or refer result. Complete test details are available if further interpretation is required.

Available tests:

  • DP-grams



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