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Labat Echolab

This portable device can be used with or without a personal / portable computer for neonatal screening or for other OAE clinical applications.

Hardware specifications :

  • Small, rechargeable battery-operated unit.

  • Echolab is available in several memory configurations . The basic system (screening) performs a screening test using a TEOAE or DPOAE protocol and retains the last 200 tests in memory. The enhanced memory model (clinical) can keep up to 350 tests in memory. For custom made protocols the available tests in memory vary.

  • Large LCD display facilitates data reading.

  • The Echolab can be used not only in neonatal screening but in clinical applications requiring the testing of high frequencies. The accuracy of the microphone frequency response (± 3 dB) is extended from 500 to 10000 Hz, using Etymotics Research 10D probe.

Software specifications:

  • Helpful messages on the built-in display guide the operator to ensure a good probe fit, and to start the screening procedure. Testing is fast - as brief as 7 seconds per ear under optimal conditions. The stored data can be sent to a database in a host PC for reviewing, analysis and printing of the results.

  • The Echolab, displays a pass or refer result. The Complete test details are available on the host PC system if further interpretation is required.

  • In the enhanced clinical Echolab model, the user can review all the data (prior and after the OAE recording acquisition)on the large LCD display of the device

Stimulation Modalities

  • Clicks (Linear and Nonlinear stimulus modalities), Tone bursts.

  • Available tests (software version 1.05)

    • DP-grams (from 35 to 75 dB SPL)
    • DPOAE Input / Output curves.
    • TEOAEs (clicks, tone bursts)
    • TEOAEs tests can be performed for standard (20 ms) or shorter windows ( 10ms)
    • SOAEs


    • Full compatibility with PC- Pentium based systems.

    Contact Information :

    Web address:
    Email address: Ing. Viviana Cosmo.

    Extra on-line Info: You can Download a pdf file with general characteristics of the device from here (1010 k).

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