Product Information on: Echo-Screen TDA model



Echo-ScreenÒ TDA

TEOAE, DPOAE & ABR in one hand


q       OAE and ABR in modular technology

q       automatically evaluation, short test time

q       auditory screening in two steps

q       one equipment – one probe

q       quick, easy, reliable, validated

     OAE & Automated ABR in one hand held screening device


TEOAE-screening: quick, easy, reliable, inexpensive, clinically validated


DPOAE-screening: quick, easy,  frequency specific information


Automatical ABR-measurement: The “gold-standard“ of audiology for screening with
the highest specificity


The modular combination increases  validity, saves time and money.


Clinically fully tested signal statistical algorithms for OAE and Automated ABR.


Approved OAE-technology combined with the unequalled performing specificity of an  ABR-screening test.


  Echo-Screen Ò TDA


TEOAE, DPOAE &  Automated ABR in modular technology *


q       Approved OAE technology

q       One probe - two technologies

q       Self calibrating, controlled stimulus

q       Graphic LC-display, large font size

q       Optimised artefact recognition using eight signal/noise quality ranges

q       Measurement progress online displayed

q       'Pass / Refer' results following strictly signal statistic criterions

q       Display of measurement quality

q       Printout  on label printer

q       Memory for 250 measurements

q       Wireless connection to PC for up/download of results and patient data

q       Database management

q       Battery-powered, weight app. 600g




Automated ABR Module


q       Disposable hydrogel electrodes (Ag/AgCl)

q       No preparation of the skin needed

q       Automatical measurement of impedance

q       Control of impedance

q       Prototype weighted signal statistics

q       prototype as weighted  factor for signal statistics

q       Typical time of measurement < 1 minute

q       Clinically validated test criterion for a level of 35 dB nHL



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·        All technologies : TEOAE, DPOAE and Automated ABR are available as combined unit or as separate devices