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Otodynamics models

10th 2005

  • Otodynamics have designed new DP adult tips. The tips have been engineered to improve the quality and accuracy of stimulation when using DP probes. The basic shape of the tips has not changed, but the new shorter design enables the tips to fit flush with the end of the probe coupler tubes. This means increased accuracy when measuring and calibrating stimulus levels for DPOAE testing. This quality enhancement will also benefit TEOAE measurements. To read the rest of the announcement (pdf file) click here.

11th 2002

  • The Otodynamics has a new web site and the available products are nicely divided in three categories: (1) Screening ; (2) Clinical;and (3) Research.

1rst 2002

  • The Otodynamics has released a new version of the EchoPOrt family of devices (ILO 288 USBxx), which utilizes USB technology. The unit comes equipped with the Ez-screen software (ILO 6.0) which works under the latest Windows environments. New design probes (DPOAE + TEOAE) are available either for general use or for neonates.
22th 2002

  • A number of OAE users has notified us that the ILO-5x software does not run under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Otodynamics has developed a specific software upgrade (ver. 5.61) to resolve this problem. To get the new software you can contact Mr. John Morgan at Otodynamics.

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