Contents of this section: The Evolution of OAE hardware

The trends we have observed in the OAE market can be characterized by three generations of OAE equipment:

  • The first generation started with the releases of ISA-card systems for the PC, such as the ILO-88 from Otodynamics, and for the Macintosh the Virtual 330.

  • The second generation started with the release of devices which could be easily connected to portable PCs such as the IL0-292 from Otodynamics and the Capella system from MADSEN.

  • We are currently experiencing the third generation of OAE equipment. Most of the devices are small (handheld sizes) and they have appropriate software pre-loaded in order to automate as much as possible neonatal screening. While the sales of the third generation devices start to peak, new devices of the fourth generation combining OAE and ABR recording facilities (see the AccuScreen from GN-Resound / Fischer-Zoth, the AudioScreener from Grason Stadler, or the Scout-Sport from Biologic) are becoming available.

These developmental trends in the sector of neonatal screening (smaller and more intelligent devices), suggest that the OAE technology has the potential to be introduced in other areas of medical health services where a monitoring of the hearing status is needed.

The material on the OAE devices is presented in two ways:

  • A detailed list of manufactures mentioning the models currently in the market. It is possible to get detailed information on each model by clicking on it. To contact the manufacturer's web site you can click on manufacturer's name.

  • A table summarizing manufacturers and models. With this table you can quickly judge if a product fits your clinical or research needs. Due to different economical policies in different countries, the prices of the products are not mentioned.

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