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Biologic Scout Sport model

As small as a videotape, the Scout Sport can be easily carried from one computer to another to test in different locations. Or, the Scout Sport can be used with a notebook computer to create an independent portable system. Unique Features

Hardware specifications :

  • On-line control of artifact rejection threshold allows you to adjust the level depending on the amount of patient generated or environmental noise.

  • Continuous feedback about the intensities of the stimulus frequencies (L1 and L2) helps you quickly identify changes in probe fit that can adversely affect the DP measurement.

  • High to low frequency sweep capability aids in testing infants and difficult to test patients when results are critical and DPOAE test time is limited.

  • Standard one year limited warranty on the probe can be extended up to 5 years for a very affordable price.

  • Disposable probe tips, in a variety of sizes, keep the probe clean and provide optimal infection control.

  • Dual microphone probe design delivers an additional 3dB of noise reduction and reduced vibration sensitivity.

  • Screen swap feature provides an enlarged view of the OAE response and noise spectra for improved visibility.

  • Reproducibility values for bandwidths centered at octave frequencies allow analysis of the TEOAE in narrow frequency regions.

  • The Scout Sport system is available on a notebook computer platform.

  • Weight 28 lbs. (12.7kg), notebook/docking station platform.

Software specifications

  • The Scout software features easy to use menus for program control. Within these menus, it is possible to define a library of OAE test protocols, to customize distortion product OAE test protocols to your choice of stimulus intensities (L1 and L2), F2/F1 ratio, test frequency range and points per octave. Measurement based stopping rules, set to your desired criteria, optimize the averaging time for each DP test condition depending on how robust the DP response is and how much noise is present.

  • Transient-evoked OAE test capability can be chosen as a Scout Sport system option. Use the same high quality probe to deliver a broad frequency stimulus and measure the TEOAE response. Set up and save multiple TEOAE test protocols with various averaging epochs and stimulus intensities for any application whether it is auditory screening or diagnosis.

  • To insure quality testing, Scout precedes OAE measurement with a probe-fit procedure. The waveform and spectrum graphs provide feedback about the quality of the probe placement in the ear canal. Adjustment before beginning the test saves you valuable time.

Available tests

  • DP-grams

  • DPOAE Input / Output curves.

  • TEOAEs


  • An IBM compatible portable computer (min 486)

  • Scout Sport is available as an option on any new Bio-logic evoked potential system. Enjoy the ultimate in space saving convenience and affordability. It is possible to perform a full range of auditory evoked potentials and OAE tests using the same computer. Some platforms even support somatosensory and visual evoked potentials testing.

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