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HortMann Neuro-Otometrie - AmDis Suppression

Hardware specifications :

AmDIS-OAE implements high-accuracy measurement of distorsion product otoacoustic emissions with the newly discovered sgDPOAE method (single generator DPOAE). The result is smooth DPgrams, free of artifacts, giving and unambiguous, frequency-specific indication of the state of the cochlea.

  • Max. stimulus frequency: 8000 Hz

  • Max. stimulus level: 85 dB SPL

  • Intermodulation distortion: 85 dB

  • Dynamic range: > 90 dB

  • Preamplifier frequency range: 500 - 8000 Hz

  • Probe microphone frequency range: 500 - 6000 Hz

  • Frequency resolution: approx. 100 Hz

Stimulation Modalities

  • Frequency resolution: steps user-definable, linear or geometric increments, no limit on number of steps.

  • Levels: user-definable, automatic increments for growth function, no lomit in numbers of steps.

  • Frequency ratio: user-definable, optional automatic increments for optimum search

Available tests


  • SOAE

  • suppression of DPOAE (sgDPOAE)

Software specifications

  • Distortion product: 2f1-f2 ; 2f2-f1 ; f2-f1
  • Results: Emission amplitude, estimated noise level, emission phase (optional)
  • Screening criteria:signal-noise ratio,absolute emission amplitude, emission amplitude relative to stimulus


  • Open-standard, Paradox compatible database format; accessible from many Windows database applications

  • Year 2000 compliant

  • separate database may be selected for different users or tasks (clinical / research)

    AmDiS-OAE was designed to meet or exceed the following standards:

  • IEC-601-1: Medical Electrical Equipment Requirements for Safety

  • IEC 601-1-2 (1994): Electromagnetic Interference

  • 93/42/EWG: European Medical Device Directive

When supplied as a kit, AmDiS-OAE must be combined with ab PC that meets locally applicable safety requirements and that conforms with IEC 950 and with leakage current limits.

Contact Information :

Web address: HortMann Neuro-Otometrie

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