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HortMann Neuro-Otometrie - Echomaster

Hardware specifications :

The Echomaster is a system for testing TEOAE and DPOAE under pressure equalization of the middle ear. It is possible to record TEOAEs and / or DPOAE with or without Tympanogram and Pressure Compensation.

  • TEOAE: 700 Hz - 5 kHz

  • DPOAE: 1 kHz - 6 kHz

  • Pressure compensation (optional):-200 daPa to +200 daPa (typical)

  • 1 short 8-bit ISA slot or 16-bit AT slot

Stimulation Modalities

Available tests



  • Tympanography (optional)

Software specifications


  • Database MediNet: Diagnostic database management

  • Year 2000 compliant

  • separate database may be selected for different users or tasks (clinical / research)

    AmDiS-OAE was designed to meet or exceed the following standards:

  • IEC-601-1: Medical Electrical Equipment Requirements for Safety

  • IEC 601-1-2 (1994): Electromagnetic Interference

  • 93/42/EWG: European Medical Device Directive.

If the unit is supplied as a kit, the EchoMaster must be connected to a PC which conforms to the relevant valid safety requirements, IEC 950 and the corresponding current leakage values.

Contact Information :

Web address: HortMann Neuro-Otometrie

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