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Grason Standler - model 70

There are two versions of the GSI 70 Ė the Single-Patient model, which is suited for hospitals with fewer than 500 births per year, and the Multi-Patient model, which easily meets the screening and data-management requirements of nurseries handling larger newborn populations.

Hardware specifications :

Software specifications

  • The GSI-70 tests 3 frequencies, at 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 kHz and a successful testing session may take as little as 10 seconds.

  • To start a session it is only necessary to enter the subject's name, run the test, and store the data. The simplicity is in the systemís three large buttons Ė green to present the tones, blue and pink for saving results from the left and right ears. A foot switch enables hands-free operation so you can comfort a baby or steady the probe tip. The Multi-Patient version features a convenient touch screen and stylus for selecting names, and all test results can be easily transferred for data management and auditing.

  • Both the Single-Patient and Multi-Patient models provide hard-copy results of the left and right ears, combined in the same graphical report. When printed on adhesive paper, itís simple to include this report in the patientís file. The Multi-Patient version makes it easy to download multiple baby names from a PC, select the name of the baby being tested, and then reliably transfer and store results after completing a screening session. Data can also be exported to the GSI 60, or to OZ, a software program that tracks results and can customize communications to notify parents and physicians of screening results.

Available tests

  • DP-grams

Compatibility / Other

  • Grason-Stadlerís training program includes a 10-minute video, instructional booklet, and user manual to ensure confidence and comfort in operating the GSI 70 Automated OAE hearing screener.

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