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Interacoustics TEOAE-25 OAE system

The TEOAE-25 is a TEOAE system for fast, automated TEOAE screening and diagnostic OAE procedures. The TEOAE 25 is available on the same hardware platform as the EP15/EP25 ABR systems and it can be purchased as a combination. More information on this product can be obtained from the

Hardware specifications :

  • OAE probe shared with EP15 /EP25 hardware

  • Stimuli : Linear or nonlinear clicks from 50 - 90 dB SPL, 1 dB attenuator steps, with a 0.5 dB Accuracy.

  • Bandwidth: 0.4 - 4.0 kHz ( IEC 711 coupler)

Software specifications

  • Probe fit, OAE time window, OAE FFT, 1 kHz Pass/Refer bands, 1/3, 1/6, and 1/12 octave bands, Signal to noise ratios

  • Automated screening: User defined Algorithms, Security system with password protection

  • Database Options: Two database structures are available the IabaseII or the NOAH 3.0. The databases can generate a semi-automated report, exporting of data, network capability and remote-control functions. An integrated data back-up system is also available.

Available tests

  • TEOAEs

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Email address:  Jette Friis

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