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Sonamed - Clarity system

The Clarity System provides automated (pass/refer) results and an easy, three step user interface to facilitate use by non-audiologists. The combination of OAE and ABR technologies into a single platform and test allows compliance with NIH screening recommendations prior to discharge from the hospital after birth. The combination also provides a complete screening solution by making the test faster, easier, less expensive, provides more clinical information and has the security of lower refer rates afforded by ABR testing. For the audiologist, full ABR/OAE waveform review of the screener results is provided for optimum program oversight. A powerful initial diagnostic module is provided with plans for a full diagnostic capability in the future. The system includes a fully integrated patient information management and report capability. The Clarity System features low cost disposables making universal screening practical and efficient. The system platform runs on Windows 95 and includes a modem that permits efficient remote service and trouble shooting capability.

Hardware specifications :

Software specifications

  • Continuous monitoring of insert earphone placement, ambient noise and myogenic activity during testing.

  • In-ear calibration for accurate stimulus frequency and intensity.

  • Automated Screening ABR waveforms and DPOAE responses can be fully viewed at a later time.

  • View ABR Waveforms and DPOAE responses during testing.

  • Use Preset protocols.

  • Design your own custom protocols for patient specific screening and initial diagnostics.

  • Test using OAE &ABR separately or in any combination.

  • Choose manual or fully automated mode.

  • Full control over stimulus parameters for clicks, tonebursts, intensity and frequency series.

  • Off-line filtering and peak labeling to aid waveform analysis.

  • Comprehensive patient information, including: tester, physician, results (by ear), OAE and ABR waveforms.

  • Store all test data and patient information to the database for later evaluation.

Available tests

  • DP-grams

  • ABR


  • An IBM compatible portable computer

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