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Interacoustics models


  •   The following software updates are now available:

    EP15/EP25 v. 3.03
    VEMP module added (license needed)

    ASSR v. 1.01
    Minor bug fix

    ABRIS v. 1.05
    German language added

    DPOAE20 v. 1.02
    German language added

    TEAOE25 v. 3.04
    Minor bug fix


  • The OAE Hardware pages were updated with recent material from Interacoustics. Software improvements in a number of programs are reported below in the Interacoustics Updates page.

    EP15/EP25 v. 3.03 released on 1/2-2007
    * VEMP is now available for the ECLIPSE platform, either as a stand alone system or as part of the EP15 or EP25 system.
    * All ECLIPSEs and those MedPCs holding a USB driven board can be upgraded to hold the EP25 version 3.03 which has the option to add a VEMP license.

    ABRIS v. 1.05 released on 3/5-2007
    * The ABRIS module has been translated to German.

    DPOAE v. 1.02 released on 3/5-2007

    * The DPOAE module has been translated to German.
    * Improved pass criterion, variance and sideband check
    * An extra decimal has been added to DP and noise result in order to get a higher degree of accuracy.
    * Improved printout: The f1 frequency colon has been removed and a S/N level calculation added instead.

    TEOAE25 v. 3.04 released on 4/10-2007

    * Fixes a few minor bugs

    Interacoustics ASSR v. 1.01 released on 8/5-2007

    * Fixed a minor bug in the calibration application setup


  •   Interacoustics has released information regarding the firmware of their portable screener (Otoread) and the related database. In the new firmware version 7.65 the following changes have been made: The Screener version now both have the option for a test with a 2 second averaging and a test with 4 second averaging. The Standard and the Clinical versions now have more customizable programs. Also, a new database (software version 7.70) for storage of data from the OtoRead to the PC is now available. For more information contact Mrs Jette Friis of Interacoustics

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