Update Information on:
Echoscreen and EchoScreen TDA models

26th 2002

  • In the download area of the site we have placed a video showing the newest probe construction of the Echo-Screen device. The file is only 700k but in order to view it you have to download a program we used to compress the original material (DivX decoder). To download a DivX compatible viewer click here.

11rth 2002

  • The company has provided us with an Adobe Acrobat pdf version of the Echoscreen -TDA announcement, for non PC-users. To download the file click here:(800 k)

4 rth 2002

  • With the forthcoming release of Echoscreen -TDA a fourth generation device using both ABR and OAE testing protocols, Dr. Gibel has provided additional information (in MS Word format) on the technology behind the ABR module of the Echo-Screen

    • File 1: Description of evaluation principles of the Echo-Screen TA-ABR module (24 k)

    • File 2: Reliability with innovation for the the Echo-Screen TA-ABR module (25 k)

1 rst 2002

  • Dr. Gibel has provided a text (white paper) on the theoretical concepts of the Echoscreen statistical signal processing.

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