Welcome to the Otoacoustic Emissions Portal a scientific site dedicated to the service of the International OAE community. Here you may find information on all aspects of Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) from Hearing Science to clinical applications. The information provided is completely FREE and NO membership is required to access any sections of the Portal.

         The otoacoustic emissions material has been organized as on-line information references (types of emissions -TEOAEs, DPOAEs, SOAEs-, clinical applications of otoacoustic emissions, OAE books, software and hardware reviews etc) and education   / assistance material (on-line powerpoint courses and white papers on specialized and general interest aspects of otoacoustic emissions).  The educational material is free and you can download it following the on-line directions.

          In addition to the above resources, you may find two special sections with information on :

      •    MEDLINE-related OAE articles ; 
      •    Neonatal hearing screening references (Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Programs, Universal screening programs, alternative technologies etc).

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