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The eHandbook of Auditory Evoked Responses is a completely revised and updated digital version of the popular New Handbook of Auditory Evoked Responses (2007). The eHandbook is offers a clear yet comprehensive review of auditory evoked responses from the cochlea to the cortex including test principles, protocols, and procedures for clinical application. The latest advances in clinical research and applications are covered in the eHandbook among them the use of ECochG in ANSD and cochlear implantation, the clinical advantages of chirp stimulation in ABR and ASSR recordings, and the multiple contributions of cortical auditory evoked responses to assessment and management of pediatric and adult patients. The competitively priced eHandbook of Auditory Evoked Responses can be used as a textbook for graduate students enrolled in auditory electrophysiology and also as up-to-date resource on auditory evoked response measurement and analysis for practicing audiologists and hearing scientists.

Active processes and otoacoustic emissions in Hearing, (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research Vol. 30.) August 2008.

Manley, G.A., Fay, R.R. and Popper, A. (eds), New York, Springer-Verlag
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Cochlear Mechanisms and Otoacoustic Emissions (Advances in Audiology, Vol 7 : by F Grandori, et al (Hardcover - August 1990) 

Hair Cell Micro-Mechanics and Otoacoustic Emissions
 :by Charles I. Berlin, Linda Hood et al 

Hair Cells and Hearing AIDby Charles I. Berlin(Editor) (Hardcover - January 1996)


EcoG, OAE and Intraoperative Monitoringby D. Hohmann (Hardcover) 

Establishing and Implementing Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs: by Brandt Culpepper Phd. (Paperback - April 2002) 

   Handbook of Otoacoustic Emissions  by James W. III Hall (Paperback) 

Introduction to the Practical Application of Otoacoustic Emissions: by Brenda L. Lonbury-Martin; Paperback 

  Otoacoustic Emissions:  M Tsalingopoulos, P. Lallaki, I Daniilidis (Greek

Otoacoustic Emissions (Oaes) (Sipac)by Jan Maurer(Editor), American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck s (Paperback - June 1997) 

Otoacoustic Emissions : A Manual for Clinical Applicationsby Brenda L. Lonbury-Martin (Paperback) 

Otoacoustic Emissions : Basic Science and Clinical Applications (Singular Audiology Text): by Charles I. Berlin (Editor) 

  Otoacoustic Emissions: Clinical Applications  by Martin S., Phd Robinette(Editor), Theodore J., Phd Glattke (Hardcover) 

Screening Children for Auditory Function: by Fred H. Bess, James W. Hall (Hardcover - August 1992) 

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by Antonio F. Werner( August 2001, Spanish)

Editor's note: We are very proud to present in these pages Dr. Werner's recent book, in Spanish, which covers very well a large number of important OAE topics. Dr. Werner is well known in Argentina and South America for his contributions in the area of acoustics and he has contributed in the OAE Portal an excellent synopsis on the adult OAE clinical applications. 
     The book is organized in a very clear and precise manner. There are chapters in cochlear physiology, and the history of the cochlear processing / cochlear amplifier, chapters dedicated to each of the types of emissions, a very well -presented chapter on neonatal screening with a good exposure of the auditory neuropathy topic. The chapter dedicated to the OAE applications for adults and children presents data from ototoxicity monitoring to studies of genetics and it is the most complete compilation of data published in a book so far. Though-out the book Dr. Werner presents a lot of practical examples using screen-shots of Madsen's Capella system. Although this might be conceived as a limitation, the ergonomics of the Capella's software compensate for such a drawback. In the Appendix the book contains national and international documents on neonatal screening. 
     The book can securely serve as an text for undergraduate or first year-graduate courses in Audiology. 


  Universal Newborn Hearing Screening
by Lynn G. Spivak (Editor) (Hardcover - August 1997) 

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