Acta Laryngologica , September 2002

Reviewed by Pierre Bonfils MD, Ph.D.
ENT Professor
University of Medicine of Paris, France 

Purpose : To communicate the ideas, techniques et studies that have evolved in the expanded field of clinical aspects and basic science of otoacoustic emissions (evoked otoacoustic emissions, distortion product otoacoustic emissions).

Contents : The OAE portal successfully uses a standard web site organization with a high quality and a user-friendly source of information. Navigation within the site is accomplished by selecting highlighted topics from the « sidebar ». The sidebar is arranged in eleven categories : basics of OAEs, biophysical research and modelling, clinical applications, neonatal screening, OAE articles - Medline, OAE books, OAE hardware, OAE links, OAE software, congresses and meetings, on-line lectures. This easily understood organization of the OAE portal greatly increases its interest. The OAEs portal zone accepts contributions from outside authors on topics that may be useful . These outside submissions undergo a peer-review process prior to publication. Each two months, an editorial is presented on various topics : for example, neonatal screening by Thierry Morlet in september 2001, an introduction to time-frequency analysis for a TEOAE interpretation by Antoni Grzanka in november 2001, mechanisms of DPOAE generation by Glen K Martin in may 2002 ... The material on the site is very frequently updated and new information continues to appear each week. This important task is organized with success by the Web editor Stavros Hatzopoulos (Italy) with the help of three Web assistant editors, Antoni Grzanka (Poland), Thierry Morlet (USA), and Katia De Almeida (Brazil), and an important web editorial board : Paul Avan (France), Ted Glattke (USA), Marlis Knipper (Germany), Glen Martin (USA), Brenda Lonsbury-Martin (USA), Mark Lutman (UK), Jacek Smurzynski (Switzerland) and Graciela Brik (Argentina).

Applicability : Clinicians, clinical researchers, and basic scientists will all benefit from this excellent otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) portal zone.