Echo Initiative


The Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Initiative is part of the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management at Utah State University. The ECHO Initiative focuses on extending the benefits of periodic hearing screening to young children in a variety of health and education settings. It also serves Early Head Start programs as the National Resource Center on Early Hearing Detection and Intervention.

The goals of Echo Initiative are to ensure that early childhood education and health care providers have:

  • Up-to-date information about recommended hearing screening practices for children 0–3 and 3–5 years of age;
  • Tools to effectively implement hearing screening so that children with hearing-health needs are identified as early as possible and provided with appropriate follow-up services and support; and
  • Strategies for using hearing screening as an opportunity to promote language development in all children as an integral part of school readiness.

In the website of ECHO Initiative users can find multimedia material (Webinars , videos) related to screening practices for neonates and children.

Also the ECHO Initiative publishes a monthly newsletter to which interested parties can subscribe for free, just providing an email address.