FACT sheet : Portal stats 2015

On-line Date:

June 1, 2001
Search Engines:

First page listing in the major engines including: Altavista, Excite,

Google, Lycos, Yahoo (local and international sites)

Average number of hits per month:  63196
Average number of visitors per month:  5415
Average number of visited pages: > 11,6  pages per visitor
Coverage in terms of countries: Visitors from 144 countries (increase from 2014)
Percentage of American Audience: 40.10 %
Percentage of African Audience :   6.40 %
Percentage of European Audience:  25.80 %
Percentage of Asian Audience: 23.60 %
Percentage of Oceania Audience   4.10 %


  • The access numbers remain more or less the same as in 2014, in terms of average demographics, although the number of monthly hits is slightly lower.
  • It is interesting that we had slightly less visitors who spent more time in the Portal, accessing 20% more pages.
  • In comparison to previous years we finally see a rise in the accesses from Africa & Oceania and a drop in the accesses from Europe. We believe that the penetration of INTERNET technologies has caused this effect , implying that knowledge is not centralized .. but it can be diffused almost equally around the globe.  


           Some additional observations on  sub-trends in the above reported numbers:


1. As in the past,  the "Americas" are monopolized mainly by accesses from the US and Canada (71.2%)

2. South America is still monopolized by accesses from Brasil (74.9 %). In comparison to 2014 this figure has grown approximately by 8%.

3. Asia is still monopolized by accesses from India (76.4%) and Iran (13.9%)


Journal of Hearing Science


The journal of Hearing Science (JoHS) is an open access journal and it is dedicated to current peer-reviewed scientific research in all areas of Otolaryngology, Audiology, ENT (ear nose throat), Phoniatrics, and Rhinology. Its primary mission is to offer an international forum for professionals; a secondary aim is to assist hearing practitioners by providing important knowledge helpful to patients with hearing, voice, speech, and balance disorders.

JoHS is issued on continuous basis as a primary on-line electronic journal. The journal is an open access publication which allows all readers around the world free access to articles. Moreover, there are no publication fees or page charges. Before acceptance for publication, each manuscript is subject to critical review by leading authorities in the field.

JoHS has a distinguished International Advisory Board and an impressive Editorial Board. Their high academic standing ensures that the journal produces multidisciplinary papers of the highest quality. The broad international membership promotes fair and thorough assessment.



Pronesis is our super web agency  !!!!

Echo Initiative


The Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Initiative is part of the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management at Utah State University. The ECHO Initiative focuses on extending the benefits of periodic hearing screening to young children in a variety of health and education settings. It also serves Early Head Start programs as the National Resource Center on Early Hearing Detection and Intervention.

The goals of Echo Initiative are to ensure that early childhood education and health care providers have:

  • Up-to-date information about recommended hearing screening practices for children 0–3 and 3–5 years of age;
  • Tools to effectively implement hearing screening so that children with hearing-health needs are identified as early as possible and provided with appropriate follow-up services and support; and
  • Strategies for using hearing screening as an opportunity to promote language development in all children as an integral part of school readiness.

In the website of ECHO Initiative users can find multimedia material (Webinars , videos) related to screening practices for neonates and children.

Also the ECHO Initiative publishes a monthly newsletter to which interested parties can subscribe for free, just providing an email address.

GN- Otometrics: Mercury

A few words for our sponsor Mercury / GN-Resound


Otometrics is an audiology industry leader providing hearing and balance diagnostic solutions to hearing care professionals worldwide. With more than 500 employees and offices in 34 countries, we help hearing care professionals succeed in improving the quality of life for millions of people by delivering expert knowledge, reliable solutions and trusted partnership.

Otometrics develops, manufactures and markets computer-based audiological, otoneurologic and vestibular instrumentation in more than 70 countries under the MADSEN®, AURICAL®, HORTMANN® and ICS® brand names. Otometrics is part of the GN Group, one of the largest companies in Denmark.

In Italy GN Otometrics is represented by GN Hearing SRL (ex Mercury Diagnostics)