How to use the FORUM

NOTE: Changes in the FORUM Posting rules as of 01/01/2014

           In order to avoid spamming in the OAE Forum we have established 2 new rules which might delay a bit a response to a FORUM post.

        (1) The Email of the sender has to be approved

        (2) The argument of the sender has to be approved



       HOW to POST a contribution in a FORUM Section

    • FIRST, you need to select the section area (or technically speaking the thread) you are interested in, i.e. Biophysics, Clinical OAE Applications, OAE hardwareetc. For example once you ENTER into the FORUM you should see something like the image below (7 sections in English one section in Italian). 


    • To SELECT a message from a specific section you need to CLICK on the section you are interested in . NOTE: The sections are shown in BLUE. Once you select the section you can DO TWO THINGS : (1) you can respond or continue the discussion of a posted argument : For example Assume you want to see the message Welcome in the section of Clinical OAE applications. Once you click on the message you should see something like the image below: In the space under the subject ( Re: below) you can enter your opinion, or express further questions on that argument. Once you are ready you can POST your contribution to the FORUM. For long messages you can PREVIEW your contribution by pressing the PREVIEW button; 
  • The second thing you can do once you are in a section, is to POST a new question/ statement . First you have to select the voice NEW TOPIC and then you will see something like in the image below. Assume that you are in the Clinical OAE applications section, your name is eager user, your email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the topic of your question is "Do emissions detect retrocochlear pathologies?" . Under the subject title you can type the Question and then REVIEW it or POST it . 

                  If you still have questions please send us an email